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At Eastside Automotive, we believe in trustworthy service and competitive pricing.  We started this business to provide Columbus with a place where people could trust their vehicles to be worked on quickly and with quality service.  We are a garage of integrity that aims to provide "in and out" service.  We will never fix things without asking you first and giving you options to choose from. Make an appointment or just walk in! We are here for you and we strive to be a mechanic that you can trust.

Meet the Mechanic

Eastside Automotive is proud to have Brian Snyder as our team's Lead Technician.  His 23 years of experience as an automotive mechanic speak for themselves as does his long list of happy customers. Brian's number one goal is to make sure that each customer has a great experience and chooses to come back over and over. His willingness to explain options and other details will win your trust the first time you meet him! 

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- Routine Maintenance

- Brake Checks

- Tire Change and Rotation

- Battery Replacement

- Alternators

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- Much more!

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